Hello, I’m Cranked

Hello, I’m Cranked, i’ve been in the rsps scene for about 9 years

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Ascend-Rsps /Release enjoy guys!

What the server is – [Hidden Content]

download here – [Hidden Content] full Package.rar?dl=0

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I guess I must do this for access to forums. Hello! I am fairly new to the RSPS in this day and age. I played a few servers awhile back, we’re talking years.. I was a moderator on a few, admin for one and helped develop and code another. I hope to get back into playing these and developing again as I have a lot of free time now that post – secondary is done. Thanks guys! Have a wonderful day

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Add drop rate to items

Hello guys ,,, please can anyone tell me how to add drop rate to items? am using Power-ps sources and client .. i will be thankful //

More info server is (Pi)

add me on discord Mad4Life#6115

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Hello Im AZU!

Hello I am azu how is everyone today? I hope to be a good forum member.

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Hello everyone!

Hello Everyone,

Hope I will get Along with everyone here.

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RSPS source and client

Hello guys , iam new in coding and i need good source and client pi server ( custom server) i was working on some RSPS but always i have mistakes

in sources and client– please i need some clean sources and client with little mistakes

add me on discord ( Mad4life#6115) and thanks for reading

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Looking for ruthless copy, the links are down. anyone got?

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Random Dumb Question

How badly would it effect performance if I was to use code from a pi or other source to implement in a custom framework? Or would it just fuck the server up..?

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Looking for a premium osrs base with little to no bugs, c wars, duel arena, ffa, bosses, and all skills except for summoning.

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